When standing in the presence where another controls the power, remember this power or belief is only the outward projection of the human ego. Your Love and Light as a spiritual being controls the true power.

This is guidance that I recently received from Spirit.

I feel like it is very relevant as we navigate through a time in our country where so many feel so disempowered. We hang our hats on one candidate or another, one policy or another, and in either case, there is imbalance because our sense of power–or lack thereof–is connected to an external source.

This is an illusion. A very real feeling, but an illusion, nonetheless.

One of my friends recently went through an inner child healing where she realized that her resistance to stepping into leadership roles was linked to the experience of feeling completely controlled by one of her parents as a child. This feeling remained real for her until nearly the age of 40, but in a moment, when really allowing that feeling of powerlessness to wash over her, she understood that she no longer needed to give that feeling–or that parent–any more of her power.

She realized that her love and joy were boundless, and therefore bigger than any perceived external force of power.

During stressful times, it may seem like a luxury to “go within,” but it is a necessity. Spirit has reminded me that I have all I need within myself, including the power to let go of the illusion of powerlessness.

I trust that you, too, may feel the re-emergence of your own power as you simply acknowledge that your Love and Light as a spiritual being IS your power, and is bigger than any force projected by the human ego.

If you are seeking empowering spiritual guidance, please contact me for a reading today.

Peace be with you all,

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