Am I still an important part of this society?

Times have changed; I’m older in age and I would hope a little wiser, but that is debatable. Plus I find myself with more medical problems as I have aged. UM, older, medical problems, and less hair, among others things I don’t appreciate about myself, but am I still a valuable part of the concept of this society and the universe as a whole?

This morning I have feelings, desires, and thoughts that have led me to put these thoughts or ideas down on paper. Beginning with a belief that there is a God (a Being of Love, Source, Universe, etc.) and Creator that are one and the same. Our universe isn’t an accident and we are living examples as to where this created life has developed and is where we are at the present time.

On a clear night, look toward the stars and notice that the number of stars are too many for us to comprehend. While looking up, imagine looking and seeing a beating heart of love that could be the center of this amazing and perfect creation. And not only imagine, but, if you can, have faith that you are part of this beating heart that is larger than life. If you can do this you will know that the phrase “we are one with all” is a true and accurate statement. This will help you to understand the necessity for us on this very small but “significant” planet we call Earth, to be at peace with one another. As you stare at the night sky, always remember that you are an important part of this very large and ever changing creation.

We are important to each other, but it seems very hard for us to believe and the result of that failure to believe is war, greed, racism, arrogance, and yes, pain. Could we be creating our own pain by not loving ourselves and then others as ourselves, to paraphrase a scripture from the Bible? This leads us to a word that we know as “Love.”

Love is defined as a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person. Love is a very complex topic as when we look around this world that we are living in. Do we have affection for others? If we did would we treat them as we do? Let’s look at another definition according to the dictionary; Love is an attraction that includes sexual desire or the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship. Awe, could this be a better way of describing the meaning of love to us. One that may be a little selfish in nature because it is what we feel for only one particular individual not universally. If we are to have a peaceful environment for us to live we must be able to have both definitions of love within us. It is an important part of life when you find love for a particular person and should be respected as such. What about finding this love or respect for an entire society, everyone? Wow! This is a daunting task and one that is very hard for us to wrap our minds around, however, this must come from our hearts, souls, and our very being. However, if we can do this, we would respect others that are different from ourselves.

Let’s look at a few synonyms for the word love, in respect to us as a society; appreciate, cherish, prize, treasure, value, and my favorite, respect and accept. I’d like for us to consider appreciate and value for a moment. It may be hard for us to use the word love to describe our relationship with someone that we believe is our enemy but if we can appreciate and value them as part of our society it becomes an easier task.

Visualize respecting and accepting another’s beliefs and culture. How does this make you feel? Maybe overwhelmed but hopefully we can look at this concept as a possibility. And if we can, this would be a start to actually “loving” as a whole! A whole being defined as “we are one with all,” living on this planet, and part of a master plan to continue creating in a more positive manner.

Part of the whole? Interesting phrase. Imagine that you are sitting around a room with a few friends and comforting another that is in need or in pain. One of you may be better at speaking or using words that can aid in relieving some of the pain. Maybe another has understanding of the need or pain. Maybe another has the ability just to sit and bring comfort. In other words there isn’t anything insignificant about us. We all fit into this unique puzzle that we call life and each of us has a gift to offer. Instead of focusing only on one person in pain or need, consider doing the same as a society as a whole. It doesn’t matter how large or small the group is, we are each a part of the whole and play a part in its existence.

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