There is a saying: seek her (wisdom) as silver. And today, 11 days after shoulder surgery, wisdom, understanding, and knowledge are on my mind.

Going into this surgery, others shared their experiences with me and, oh my, there were several horror stories. I know not to allow others to influence me, but it can happen if we aren’t careful.

So here is the lesson: Control your own thoughts and expectations and don’t allow others to influence your life’s experiences.

For some, this is easier said than done.

So many people are taught not to trust their own instincts–whether by a parent, caregiver or educational or religious institution–and then they spend their lives seeking advice and wisdom from outside of themselves. Don’t get me wrong–it is important to learn from others; we can see things about ourselves mirrored in other people that we might not see otherwise. But to allow someone else’s perspective to dictate your experience–that is where you are losing the opportunity to write your own positive and unique story.

I believe strongly that we are souls who are here to experience and write our own autobiography.

I recently received a channeled message that addressed this topic:

To learn from others is necessary, but being led by another stops our own creativity from within. Seek the wisdom of the universe that is within each of you. Knowledge and understanding comes from the observation of yourselves. Understand why you make certain decisions or act in specific ways. The process of understanding yourself will get you closer to the answers of who you are. Don’t judge yourself, just observe and with patience, see how your thoughts, actions, dreams, and desires fit into who you wish to be. This knowledge you gain by observing and knowing yourself is you and the more you focus and learn the closer you get to the complete you. As you progress along your journey and focus within, your decisions become more about your soul growth.

Act from Love; love for self and others.

From observation comes knowledge; from knowledge comes understanding; from understanding comes wisdom.

Be wise and allow your guidance to come from within. We all should seek council at times, but the final decision is always our own.

So the next time someone presents their own perspective or experience as the way it is, just smile and say, “Thank you for sharing.” And continue writing your own story through the power of your own thoughts.

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