I have been silent for some time now in deep self-reflection.  This self-reflection was both intentional and offered to me through personal challenges that included relocation, several surgeries, and radiation therapy for cancer (thankfully in complete remission). I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect and, in this time of quiet, I was able to ask God how best I can be of service in this next chapter of life.

A little over a year ago, it was suggested by spirit that I re-engage the church community after the challenges above resulted in a brief physical absence. I was led to a church that truly offered everything I needed for grounding, centering, and healing. This particular church family was extremely valuable while going through radiation as it offered a deep sense of purpose; the opportunity to connect more to God; and the responsibility to serve others through a minor church leadership role.

Despite the highs and lows through which we flow during our walk on this earth, we must remember that the source of Truth and strength is always in God (Cosmos, Universe, Great Spirit, or any word – all being inadequate – that works best for you). This is the purest form of guidance and readily available to us all. Where we receive this connection, strength, and truth is unique to us – church, temple, mosque, ashram, nature, silent meditation, and the infinite other possibilities as God is in all things. All that is required of us is surrender to the love that is in and around us. Humbly, we must acknowledge that it is not always easy to follow God/Spirit as life’s challenges often gently or not so gently nudge us off center while we do our best to continue forward.

During this unprecedented global shift in our daily routine, I hope we all learn what we truly value, how important our loved ones are, and how meaningful intimate human connection through community is. The natural order of things is that all God’s creation flows harmoniously together. From the deepest core of our Mother Earth to the highest soaring bird or even the furthest star, is it not all beautifully interconnected? Are we separate and divided or all part of the beauty that is God’s creation? If the answer is yes, why is it not so clear that we are all here to serve and protect each other and our Mother Earth? This is the core teaching of all the religions, and I hope we can acknowledge with acceptance and love the One Truth but many paths.

I believe that I have been offered the opportunity to serve, and that the best way is through sharing the guidance that Spirit offers with any who seek. I pray that sharing Spirit with you will be my small part in service and may that guidance help you achieve your best self.

If you are seeking guidance in these unprecedented times, I am now offering readings. Please contact me for more information.

Peace be with you,


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