Dan feels blessed to have completed readings for enlightened souls all across the globe. Here are some of the responses and praise he has received in response to his readings.

“Dan Dyal was so right on with my life. He knew exactly who I was, who I want to be, and what is in my best interest, without me giving him any information. His connection with the spirit is deep, beautiful, and clear. His gift helped my life grow and helped me decide what is best for me moving forward and what to be cautious of. In addition, Mr. Dyal has a generous heart and a kind soul. I highly recommend him to anybody. His insights and wisdom about your life will inspire you, uplift you, and help you through any situation. He is a channel to God and the love in his messages will touch your heart.”

Leandra, USA

“Dan, since our talk, I have been feeling AMAZING!! I cannot stop smiling. My body feels so alive and electric. I run again and feel at bliss. The weight I put on is literally melting off!  I’m feeling like myself again!!!  I am forever thankful for our reading together. Hearing u tell me the things that I already knew inside but didn’t believe made all the difference.

Thank you so much for really waking me up and helping me bring myself back.

Thank you!!!!”

Bari Locker, Florida, USA

“I have had two readings in the past, but speaking with you was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Much like a dual reality, I saw you as pure soul, talking with my higher self while just our physical bodies were present assisting the exchange. I feel blessed to have experienced your presence and gift in spirit, even more so that you offered this amazing life changing experience to me for nothing in return. I am not in a place to pay for such services and had prayed for guidance from above as I start this new stage of my life. I am so incredibly grateful to you beyond what you can imagine. You are nothing short of an earthbound angel, a pure soul sharing an amazing gift with people like me.

I thank you and my guides for leading me to your offer, and our resultant session. Please know that the experience, and your messages have changed my life. I will continue my work with a new felt love, knowing my path has been blessed and clearly affirmed and communicated to me by my angels and guides via yourself, Dan. I too will also share gifts for others, as you have with me.

I would love to stay in touch with you and am deeply intrigued and excited by your homework suggestion. It’s something I feel very drawn to so thank you for that also!”


Dan’s readings are accurate and from the heart. I’ve enjoyed every session that I’ve had with him. He holds the space with love and compassion while also being forthright and honest. His connection to Spirit is deep and true and I trust him to always work with the highest of intentions.

Janet Raftis

Emotional Healer & Intuitive Coach

I have known and received readings from many psychics, but in recent years I have relied more on my own intuition, as I needed to strengthen it and build trust in myself. Nevertheless, I was guided to ask Dan for a spiritual reading after going years of not receiving any psychic readings, and I am glad that I did!

I resonated with his reading 100%. His guidance was clear, concise and compassionate. He obviously has a strong connection with Spirit as his counsel is spot on. In fact, I took action on one of his messages the same day (about connecting with a loved one) and had very positive and uplifting results.

Thank you, Dan, for your willingness to be a channel for Spirit and share your gift with the world!

Liz Lee

Owner, Liz Lee Media

When I first connected with Dan I was so caught up with saying on the west coast and not open to change. The thought of moving back home to NY was terrifying to me. After living in SF for about 3 years I didn’t even want to hear it. To me, that was failing. Yet, things were just not flowing in my life, at all…

With Dan’s guidance, I slowly opened myself up to the thought of moving home to NY. He actually saw that I was moving way before I did. I remember when he was helping me with my job search and he said to be OPEN to possibility and there will be more opportunity in NYC. I knew deep down that this may be the right thing (not on a conscious level), and when conversations with my managers in SF led me back east, I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was so easy and the next thing I knew I was moving back home to NY and so beyond excited about it. I got an easy job transfer with a position that was more in alignment, an apartment opened up and my mom lent me her car so I can drive to work.

When I got back to NYC I don’t think I have ever felt so much joy. I feel like I got my spark back. Being set in my ways was not serving me and I am so grateful for Dan for his gentle, heart centered guidance to stay open. He is one of the most gifted intuitive I have ever worked with.

Jill Shapiro

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