Last night I began thinking about my destiny; am I on the proper path? I also have a lot of people ask me this question during readings. I do know, from experience in readings, that we have a destiny and although we can have the proper thinking that will make our lives a lot better, we still have to face some of the trials that we came into this lifetime to face, or learn from the experience.

We do have choices in life and when we make a choice, there is a consequence. Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes not.

The following is a brief narrative that I had with Spirit concerning our destiny and are we on the right path:

Dan, it’s not that simple to express, but we can give you a few questions and answer them for you. If this isn’t clear for you, come back and we will go into this again.

Did you make the wrong decision about a situation? There is no way for you to know at this time. All need love – allow yourselves to be loved, and realize that this life has situations / lessons for you to experience. Your goal is to continue making the best decisions with what you know at the time of the decision. You may also look to others for advice as long as you remember that your decisions are yours and should not be made to please another.

Will there be suffering or challenges in this lifetime? Yes. There will also be the high times also and this is something to keep in mind when things are going the way that you wish.

Can your choices avoid these challenges? Not all of them. All decisions have a consequence and some will be better than others. Life has a goal for you and this goal has certain paths within your path to cross and not all are perfect, as you would say.

Do you have a destiny? Yes. This was decided before you came into your present physical body.

Can you change your destiny? This is where it becomes a little more complicated. To change your destiny would mean that you know your destiny and that just isn’t the case, at least, not on a conscious level in your present physical form. Your spiritual self does know all and is one with God. When you cross over, you will then see how your decisions influenced the reason you came into this physical form.

What can you do to ensure that you make the best decisions that will allow you to follow a path that is best for “you”?

Love and Forgiveness of self and others! Treat others with love and kindness. Be true to yourself or love yourself as you. You are you, and comparing yourself to others is counterproductive to your spiritual, mental, and physical self.

Each of you has a different purpose here, so simply be the kindest you possible. You need to have a purpose or goal that will bring you peace and this will take an effort on your part, but worth the time and energy used. Daily meditation and prayer will bring comfort to your soul and bring forth wisdom that is needed while you are in this physical form. As you know, it wasn’t an accident that you were born when, where, and to whom to begin this lifetime, so as you learned as a young man; seek wisdom, understanding, and knowledge that comes from God or the Universe as others say.

Love is always the key!

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