Dan DyalGod (Universe, Spirit, etc. whatever word works best for you) has blessed me with a gift that allows me to communicate with the High Spirits that are around me. The best part about having this gift is to be able to share the words, pictures, and thoughts that I receive from Spirit with others.

This gift is truly my passion in life. Never have I experienced anything that compares with the feelings I have when Spirit is communicating with me for myself or others.

My story begins with dreams.

The dreams related to my everyday life as a salesman. I was told things in dreams that came true exactly as Spirit said it would. I was then lead to several people who allowed me to join their meditation group and there the gift of channeling came to me. This was a revelation that I never expected. Within weeks I was lead to a bookstore where my first reading 
was a phone reading. This was also a new experience. As more and more readings came ….. Experience grew and my life began to change.


Dan Dyal Spiritual ReadingsA special visit from Spirit–I was driving from Orlando to West Palm Beach, Florida when a Spirit came to me. I was told that the Spirit’s name was Andose and I could see his large hand on my shoulder. I was shown things that happen to us when we transition from this world to the Spirit World. It was a very moving experience and something I had never imagined could happen. To put things in perspective, I was raised in a small community and attended a Baptist church, so these types of events just did not happen.

Later, lying in bed, the hand was again on my shoulder. I was then shown things that happened to me from my early years as a toddler until my adult years and how the hand of Andose had protected me. I saw an accident in which I could have been hurt, but was helped back with this hand on my shoulder. The things I was shown as a toddler were verified by my mother.

Later Andose seemed to be gone, but the information still came to me as before. One day while I was quiet and asked Spirit who was with me, giving me the information that I was sharing with others. The answer that came was very clear; The Spirits of God that are around me are called “The All.” I felt such a love and satisfaction that this was “Truth.” I was also told that Andose had evolved; that is, he had been with me from birth up until my “opening,” and now he had moved on to a higher level of existence.

And today we have a new website and are moving forward to add more people to our list of friends with whom we can share Spirit. I am a Blessed soul!

May Peace be with You,


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