Earlier this month I received this channel and got the message that it was for the entire planet at this time:

Right relationships leads to peace – true inner peace for the duration of that relationship. All will not be permanent due to individual needs for their inner self. You (all of us) are not living as in the past – stuck / prisoned by society.

You as a collective group are choosing freedom to express yourselves in ways that will lead to inner peace. Not necessarily completion for all in the near future, some generations to come. Souls differ in evolving.

Each of you will put pressure on yourselves for change and then society will change as a whole. 

Unfortunately, there will be violence. Peace will come quicker without violence. A few will lead the weak, who will follow without question. These souls, followers, are slow to evolve in this lifetime.

Violence stops growth around your entire world, as you know it.

Seek friendships, male and female, and understand each other’s demands/wishes/desires for change before reacting. Seek peace with all.

Each group is part of the whole – Let it be as one and bring peace to yourself.

You can only control your own peace.

What I gather from this message is that we are all collectively seeking peace, but each of us is individually seeking it in our own unique way.

Some of us may watch the news (a practice I highly discourage) and feel powerless over the world’s turmoil. Some of us may even join up with global efforts at bringing about “world peace.” What Spirit seems to be telling us is another variation of the “Be the change you wish to see in the world” message. Peace starts with each of us seeking peace in our relationships. As each of us pushes through our individual evolution–some slowly, with violence, and some more quickly, without violence–so our planet collectively evolves toward peace.

Some of you may follow the teachings of Bashar, channeled by Daryl Anka. In many of his talks, he brings up the notion that as you change, so does your vibrational universe. That is, you are constantly vibrating in and out of parallel universes and when you observe the world around you changing, you are actually vibrating into that world/universe which most closely matches your new vibration. Being the change you wish to see in the world takes on a whole new meaning when you think about it this way.

Even if the concept of parallel universes is too far fetched for you, you can apply the principle of managing your own peace. If there is a person or situation in your life around which you do not feel peaceful, take a moment and imagine a scenario in which you would feel peace. Breathe deeply and set the intention of lifting your vibration. Call upon Spirit to help you. Spend a few moments holding this feeling of peace and also the intention of noticing how it changes your day afterward.

Intention is truly powerful, and as you hold the intention for peace, you can quite literally change your world.

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