A quote from the Heart Space Atlanta newsletter:

As Westerners, we spend the majority of our time thinking and reacting instead of feeling and compassionately responding. We over-analyze, worry, regret; project into the future, and revisit past trials and triumphs. We focus our precious energies everywhere except for here and now… Forever thinking away the present moment.

This quote got me thinking about myself. I know that I am guilty of not living in the present, especially worrying about future events and having regret concerning the past. I know I’m not the smartest man, but I am gifted with a somewhat good mind and compassionate heart in this lifetime and I know that it is wrong to worry about things that may or may not happen. I feel in doing this I may even be manifesting these situations if I continue thinking about them. Then, there is the dreaded regret about a decision or action made in the past. WOW, what can I possibly do about this–absolutely nothing! And I know this, so why does this happen?

Each of us will have a different answer to my question, but I can only look into myself and deal with “me.” AH, a light bulb comes on: am I comparing myself to what others may think or do? The answer is sometimes yes and this is a mistake. I must learn to respect my own decisions and actions and learn from those that cause me pain, worry or regret.

I must realize that I am not perfect and that learning and experiencing is what this lifetime is all about.

To grow, I must learn and to learn I must experience. If all were perfect, I would float through this lifetime and not learn many lessons. So, do I learn by the pleasant things that happen to me or from the trials and difficulties?

I think both.

I believe that I must experience the pleasure of a good situation or decision and remember it. When the worry and regret comes along, I can draw from these good experiences or memories in order to allow the worry and regret to pass through me and not bog me down with heavy energy.

I think most of my healing must be done by being with me, getting to know myself and remembering that I will always be learning and growing. And here comes the singular “I” replaced by the plural “we”: I also believe that we are put here to be social creatures and therefore, helping others and allowing others to help me is also necessary.

Helping others and allowing others to help me is a positive exchange of energy and therefore will keep my tank filled with loving and compassionate energy!

My conclusion for today (realizing that change is always happening) is for me to focus on the positive loving and compassionate parts of this life to better handle and learn when the difficult situations come along. Love myself and others!

Thank you Becky for the quote that got me thinking this morning and reminding me that we are important to each other, as well as ourselves.

Peace be with you,


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