As I am sitting outside on the deck, reflecting on a conversation that I had with a friend who is a coach in the area of emotional healing, this message came to me:

The skies are clear, the temperature is warm, and the trees and forest are alive.

Breathe and enjoy the simple surroundings from anywhere you may be; work, home, inside or out; in nature or in the city; just appreciate life itself!

Then you can appreciate your life and enjoy the time that you are here. Don’t be discouraged by times you are low. Imagine all of the positives in your life. It is here you will find peace.

Reflect and understand some of the choices that you made and then you can began to heal your past.

Assistance may be needed in this process of healing, from those that are here with the gift of healing, to aid you along on this path to knowing and living your life as it was meant to be.

All of you have a different life, a different purpose, and a different beginning in this life; therefore, there isn’t a universal way of understanding (healing) one’s self. One thought you may want to have, is that you are different, therefore, please do not compare yourself with others.

Be patient and look for the signs from Spirit, and from those that cross your path, and there you will find the “ones” who are able to aid you, but more important, the “ones” that you can aid as they proceed along their journey. Remember, the Universe is a sharing of energy. We are all connected to one source.

Blessings to All

Healing is everywhere.

We strive so much for the healing that we seek and we may think it’s nowhere to be found. It’s actually everywhere. Literally, everywhere. It’s in your next conversation. Your next embrace. Even your next argument. Healing is as close as your next breath.

I invite you to take a moment just to take in a breath, and as you do, think of an issue in your life that you feel needs healing. Maybe it’s something really stubborn you have dealt with all or most of your life. As you exhale, simply allow. Allow the issue to exist. For if the issue exists, so can its solution. Breathe in again and then as you exhale now, allow the possibility of your willingness to allow it to heal. This one small “yes” can lead to a flood of positive energy toward you, energy that you may have been resisting for a long time. And as it comes, guidance may come with it. Helpful people may come with it. An illuminated path may appear with it. As you create a present where you are making choices in the direction of your healing, you also create a past that is healed. When you understand your choices, you forgive yourself–that is, you understand that no forgiveness is even necessary.

Neuroscientists say that there are 4 simple rituals that make us happy: 1) Feeling gratitude, 2) Labeling negative emotions, 3) Making decisions, and 4) Physical contact (i.e. hugging). I imagine that in a difficult moment, doing any one of these is making a choice in the direction of healing. When I feel discouraged, finding even one thing that I am grateful for shifts my mindset for the better. When I react to a situation with negative emotions, I feel empowered as I pinpoint the emotion(s) I am feeling. When I feel stuck, sometimes something as simple as making a phone call that I have been putting off has the power to set my mind in a more positive direction. And sometimes I may not realize it, but I just need a hug. One of my strong beliefs is that the world needs more hugs!

These rituals are, for the most part, things you can do immediately to feel better. But what if you need more assistance? There are healing practitioners everywhere. Whether it’s yoga, integrative breathing, shamanism or EFT, there are a number of healing paths available to you. I have found that if the path is not clear, all it takes on one’s part is a series of “micro-choices” of allowing one’s path to light up before them. Don’t know how to start the healing process? Simply saying to yourself, “I am open to whatever healing path is best for me” can open a series of synchronicities that lead you to the path/practitioner you need as well as the resources (money, time, etc.) to go about this healing path. Along the way, you simply make more of those little choices that lead to big, lasting changes.

Dan DyalIf you feel that you need some guidance on what step to take next in your healing journey, I am available to assist through a spiritual reading. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to sharing Spirit with you!



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