Message from Spirit:

May all of you see and hear what this planet is trying to tell you. The nature of this planet is to provide you with what you need to sustain life. It is your responsibility to preserve, with love and care, the very “nature” that is around you. Look around and see what this Universe/God has given you and all life that is on this planet. All life is here for a reason. Treasure it!

Some people on this planet are using greed as a way to harm the planet and diminish its ability to serve you. You as a whole will never agree on what is “good or bad” for the planet and that is why you should take care of what is around you. Your influence in your personal area will spread if it is what others see as beneficial to them. Unfortunately, too many seek and desire what benefits themselves and not the whole. Everyone here has a choice. Choose to love and preserve that which gives you and this planet life, and that is the very “nature” that is around you.

Blessing to all.

I had a dream during the morning of November 1st. One of those dreams that wake you up and you immediately write down and try to understand. I won’t go into all of the details of the dream but I will tell you that Spirit interpreted the dream for me as I finished writing it in my journal.


A time table of 20 years was given to me for the information listed below.

GardenI was walking in the neighborhood and a lady was in her back yard garden; a large vegetable garden. I stopped to say hello and she came to the edge of her garden and spoke to me as neighbors do and offered me some vegetables. I even ate one while talking to her and it was excellent and I was thanking her for the food. She also said I should come back for more.

There was also a tree near the garden that had lizards on it eating insects. There were plenty of bugs around for the lizards to eat. Spirit communicated to me that bugs and insects will need to have nature’s animals to provide protection for our food supply. The insects will multiply in the future and we should be prepared.

Also from Spirit:

It would benefit “us” to start a garden and grow food for ourselves and to share with others.

Neighbors and families should look after each other and this will spread to other neighborhoods, etc. Each of us needs to set an example. If this is done properly there will not be a prejudice to any religion, belief, or a society. It is simply living in love.

The future brings more division among you and therefore, you should start with yourself. As you have been told; “a divided house (this planet) will not survive”. Love and respect cannot be given or received when one does not give respect and love to others.

Your foods will become more expensive to buy; be prepared. (The story of the neighbor listed above was placed in my thoughts.) Share what you have with others and they will share with you.

Spirit then told me where to plant a garden in my yard, in detail. It was suggested that I start small and they would guide me this spring but to start planning before spring.

It was a detailed dream about the importance of sharing and protecting this planet. Theresa and I will have a small garden for fresh vegetables next year.

For those of you who may be nervous about getting out and starting a garden, I recommend a mood-altering drug that may boost your confidence and help you relax. 🙂

I would like to take a moment to remind you all that until November 30, 2015, I am using 25% of all my earnings from spiritual readings to purchase books by Loverly Sheridan to donate to The Rainbow Bridge Project, whose mission is to create opportunities and provide support to the rural villages of St. Lucia. Her books will be enjoyed by children involved in various reading and literacy programs.

Also, as we are blessed and grateful to have people referring us to new clients all over the world, we are becoming more flexible with time zones and therefore have more open slots for readings. Please contact me to schedule a reading time that is convenient for you.

Peace to All,


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