One of my recent channels from Spirit:

The Universe / God gives and leads you through this lifetime. For within the Universe all of your thoughts and being are known; your purpose for being here is known. Connect the Universe to your higher self often and learn more of these secrets or bits of knowledge that are within your souls. Hidden from you while you reside in this body but completely known by the Universe. Remember and have faith that you are part of this one Universe; one master plan.

Wisdom and knowledge comes to those who seek it. Seek this information about your soul and this lifetime will become clearer to you. For the soul contains all of your knowledge and lessons. Lessons are your experiences that make you who you are.

Seek this soul knowledge by allowing Spirit to be a part of your everyday life and you will see that you are connected in many ways that will benefit you and the decisions that you will make.

Do you remember the last time the internet went out in your home or office? What did you do? If you were on your computer, you might have taken the opportunity to do some work offline. Organizing files, cleaning up your desktop, perhaps. But without that internet connection, you were limited to only the information on your computer’s hard drive.

Once the internet came back on (what a relief!) you were able to access everything you could search for.

Think of that hard drive as your mind/body in this current lifetime. So many of us are doing work “offline”–that is, we’re not connecting to the cosmic internet, so to speak. We’re operating within a framework of “what we know” to be true about ourselves and the world around us.

But there is clearly more to the picture.

It is my understanding that while we are living in our physical bodies, we have a short of amnesia about who we truly are. At the soul level, we have access to any number of lifetimes and the wisdom gathered from them. As we go about our daily lives, we don’t consciously tap into that repository of knowledge, and yet, it is there, fully accessible to us when we seek it.

Seeking it is the key. As we live in a universe of free will, this knowledge will not just come knocking on our door. The action of seeking it–consciously asking for it–activates it.

In our internet browser, it’s as simple as doing a Google search. You start with a few words and then you may end up going down any number of rabbit holes as you explore further and further into all the information available to you.

But what does a “cosmic internet search” look like?

Sometimes, when I am confused or don’t know the next step to take, I simply ask Spirit, “What do I most need to know right now?” Seeking the knowledge I need–even if I have no idea what it is–connects me to my higher self and from that connection I am led exactly to the knowledge I need most (and to which I am most receptive). I find that, like doing a Google search, I end up going down “rabbit holes” that lead me into deeper and wider understanding of who I really am.

Your spiritual search engine is not complicated. It just requires that you enter a question.

What are you cosmically Googling today?

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