Spirit has been speaking to me a lot about living peacefully with others. What they say is really simple, but not necessarily easy, to integrate into my life.

I have channeled before that it is necessary to find peace within yourself and in your personal relationships before “world peace” can be achieved.

This, like all spiritual teachings, is so simple. Why do we hear this teaching again and again and still not really understand it?

Why is it not easy to “take in” such basic wisdom and implement it in your life?

What would make it easier?

In my experience, I have found that I can more easily use the profound wisdom offered to me by Spirit by “anchoring in” the teachings.

What does it mean to “anchor in” something?

It means to receive it on a cellular level so that it becomes a part of you.

And how do you do that?

I have learned that there are a few ways you can anchor in the energy of Spirit’s teachings.

1. Breathe deeply as you hear it, read it, or see it. Imagine the energy, wisdom, and light of these teachings entering your lungs with the air that you breathe and then being absorbed into the vessels that take oxygen throughout your body. Imagine this energy infusing every corner of your body. Every cell. Every neural pathway. Even your strands of DNA. It now becomes a part of you.

2. You may also want to put your hand to your heart. Consciously receiving this wisdom into your heart will bypass all of the mental resistance to that which does not currently “mesh” with the wiring of your brain.

3. As you are taking in these teachings–truly “downloading” them into your physical being, they will push out energy, thoughts, and habits that no longer resonate with you. This is “detox” on all levels. Drink lots and lots of water to aid the process of flushing toxins from your body.

I wanted to briefly explain “anchoring in” to you so that you may choose to do that as you read the following message from Spirit. It is a “dense” message in that whole books have been written about a few of the topics covered in this channel. Don’t feel like you have to take it all in at once. There may be one line that stands out to you. If so, read it while breathing deeply with your hand over your heart. Go within and explore what message is there for you.

I will not give my own interpretation of it because my wish is for you to read it and take from it what resonates with you. Explore the possibility of “anchoring in” a concept that works for the person you want to become at this time.

If you feel moved to do so, please comment below and tell me what stands out most to you in this message. I always enjoy connecting with you in Spirit!

Peace to All,



Message from Spirit

Recognizing the faults or differences in the way we act and interact with others and learning to compromise with ourselves and others, we can then begin to understand each other.

Live as if you are the other in your mind until you can reach the other’s understanding.

This is a process trial in your mind. The troubling and misleading thoughts will be replaced by thoughts of Love, which is understanding as one of its characteristics.

Live as if today is the most important day that you will ever have. Then you will understand the meaning of living in the present situation.

See the decisions that you have made; learn and don’t look back. Consequences will take place when a decision is made, however, you can’t undo the past. Understanding the point will aid you in moving forward with a clear and confident mind. Peace will be a byproduct.

Living close with others is a different scenario. This takes compromise and understanding on a constant basis. An act of Love for the other and this is always key in a relationship. If this love, understanding, and compromise cannot be reached in your heart, then it may be time to release the one living close with you. First check what is going on within you before making this decision.

Not living the truth of understanding can lead you to a place where you will not be able to obtain true peace.

Different cultures have disagreed for centuries and centuries. This can happen as we move through the energetic happenings within each of you and the universe of your earth. Treat all with love as best you can and realize their struggles in life within themselves.

What do each of you have to live for? To love and understand yourself, your present self of mind, and the way others live or are forced to live.

Understanding brings love into your heart. We all use the word love often but do we actually understand what we are saying? What is it about the person, place, or thing that we love when we use the word love? Why do we love this or that? Try and understand this without causing yourself pain in the process. Understanding of the situation can explain and answer these questions. We sometimes love things when others around us love them. This is not us and this is where each of us needs to understand ourselves.

Within each of you is this universal understanding. Believe that you have this living energy of understanding within. Action acts from within are a living energy. Your actions are also your thoughts that greatly sway your moods and keep you from properly loving yourself and others. With one’s understanding of self this can be life changing for your soul’s advancement for the greater good for your environment.

Understand Love; Love is Understanding! Look for this living action energy within yourself.

Life can be fulfilled with love of self; sharing, reaching, and sending this to others is natural.


The All


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